Our Programs

Metro East Web Academy delivers an individualized, comprehensive education. We offer a variety of programs and each is supported by highly qualified staff. 


High School and MIDDLE SCHOOL

Our classes offer you both challenge and support.  Every course is taught by a Highly Qualified teacher who is licensed in the course subject area.  Classes use a variety of tools, including online lessons, group discussion forums, one-on-one communication with teachers, and real-time online tutoring sessions.  Parents can monitor their child's progress, and students and parents can stay in contact with teachers via email and cell phones.



The MEWA GED Program is open to students who are 16-20 years old, and live in Oregon. Students interested in getting their GED are served by the MEWA GED program regardless of number of credits obtained in high school, or exit status of their last school. The GED is a great option for students who have struggled in the traditional school environment. By obtaining a GED, students have access to the same post-secondary options as their peers with high school diplomas (college, trades, jobs, military, etc).


Early College Courses

Many Early College students earn 72-78 credits towards an associates degree while still in high school. This saves thousands of dollars in tuition and accelerates students towards degree completion. Metro East Early College Academy replaces remediation with acceleration, engaging instruction, and individualized supports to prepare all students—particularly those traditionally underserved—for college and careers.



Metro East Web Academy offers credit recovery and original credit courses. We have over 50 courses available. Enrollment is open and ongoing so you can apply at any time. Cost per course is $150 and payment is due at the time of enrollment. Click the button below to apply.