High School and middle school Programs

     As your local, online school, the Metro East Web Academy offers you the best of two education worlds.   We are both a virtual learning community where you can learn, any time of day, anywhere you want to be and we offer real-time, real world resources.  Our classroom is staffed by our highly qualified teachers, who provide face-to-face support and mentoring.  We offer field trip opportunities, in-person seminars, and a variety of clubs in which you can interact with other Academy students who share like interests. Metro East Web Academy isn't just any online school; it's your online school.

     Metro East Web Academy makes it easy for you to enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge educational technology.  Full-time students may request the use of a loaner laptop, fully equipped with all the necessary software and virus protection. (A security deposit is required before the computer is checked out). Technical support is available by phone or email whenever classes are in session.

     To achieve success, students are expected to submit work in each course weekly. Students can learn at their own pace; however, “any pace” still means that students must make progress in the course every week. To measure learning, students complete self-checks, practice lessons, multiple choice questions, projects, discussion-based assessments, and discussions. Students are expected to maintain regular contact with teachers; twice weekly is required. When teachers, students, and parents work together, students are successful.

MEWA Diploma Options

Scholars Diploma

  • 28 Credits

  • Maintain 3.4 GPA

  • 16 College Prep Credits, C- or better

  • 2 Years Same Foreign Language

  • AP Course

  • No more then 1 credit P/NP

  • SAT or ACT

College Track Diploma

  • Maintain 3.0 GPA

  • 14 College Prep Classes, C- or better

  • 2 Years Same Foreign Language

  • SAT or ACT

Oregon State Standards Diploma

  • 24 Credits

Modified Diploma

  • Must meet with school team

Extended Diploma

  • Must meet with school team

Alternative Certificate

  • Must meet with school team