MEWA Plagiarism Policy

Metro East Web Academy students are expected to do their own work and cite the work of others as appropriate. Plagiarism is the willful presentation of some else’s previously written, published, or copyrighted material as one’s own. Such material may include work that appears in print, on-line, or in audio or video formats. Copying work from another student may be regarded as plagiarism if done without consent and if a citation is not given to the original writer. Penalties for plagiarism may include failing the assignment in questions, failing the course or project, failing the trimester, or being subject to an expulsion hearing. MEWA may choose, at its discretion, to employ plagiarism-detecting software.

Penalties & Consequences:

1st Offense – Zero for the assignment.
2nd Offense – Lost of credit for the course.
3rd Offense –  Requires the computer to be returned to the school and a suspension from school pending explusion.

*A student is, in addition, subject to consequences for violation of ANY policy or law through the use of the computer.