MEWA Advantage Program (M.A.P.)

MEWA's Advantage Program (also known as MAP) offers students who are behind in credits the chance to earn all the credits they need for graduation at an accelerated pace.  This hybrid program is hosted on the MEWA campus Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday from either 9a-12p or 12p-3p, as well as being available to the students 24 hours a day from any internet connection.  Students are required to attend all four days each week working on their classes and are also required to work on coursework outside these class times, averaging 4-6 total hours per day.  

During each of the 4 week sessions students work on just 2 classes at a time, with the ability to earn up to 9 credits over the course of the school year.  The MAP curriculum is designed to meet the students where they are, allowing them to show proficiency via testing to shorten course requirements.  In addition, the MAP staff works with the MEWA counselors to award students credit towards graduation with experiences outside the classroom, such as work experience, volunteer hours, Smarter Balance completion, and more.  

With a smaller class load and daily access to their teachers, both in the classroom and virtually, the Advantage Program is able to tailor a unique program for each student.