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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Metro East Web Academy?
MEWA is a tuition-free, online charter school, for students in 6-12 grades, that utilizes a web-based curriculum. The formation of the Academy was initiated in 2007 by administrators in the GBSD who saw a need to provide an additional educational alternative for some students in the district. The Academy is in its fourth year of operation and its office and classrooms are currently located in portables behind Dexter-McCarty Middle School. The school is moving to 1394 NW Civic Drive, Gresham, in April, 2013.
Who can attend the MEWA?
Currently, there are openings for both in-district and out-of-district students.  There are a number of students attending who are from neighboring districts.
What is the cost of the Academy?
The Academy is tuition-free. There is a deposit fee for the use of a laptop. In addition, there may be costs for outside activities such as field trips.
Do you provide students with laptops?
Generally the MEWA does have laptops available to loan to students during the school year; however, GBSD staff should check with the Academy before telling potential students that they will have access to a laptop. A $100 deposit is required to check out a laptop (fee is waived for students who qualify for free lunch and is reduced for students who qualify for reduced lunch programs).
Does the MEWA provide opportunities for social interaction for its students?
Yes, the Academy has a number of clubs and labs that regularly meet.
How do I know if a student will be successful?
We have identified a number of characteristics that research indicates that students should possess in order to be successful with online programs.
Successful Students:
Devote 25-30 hours a week to the coursework.
Communicate regularly with mentors and instructors and ask for help when needed.
Are self-motivated and able to learn independently.
Read at or near grade level.
Like technology and enjoy using computers.
Take risks with assignments.
Establish an organized approach to learning and set a schedule.
Have a positive attitude toward learning.
Have consitent parental support.
What happens if a student is not successful?
If a student determines the Academy is not a good fit, the student can re-enroll in their neighborhood school.
Do expelled students attend the MEWA?
Expelled high school students can enroll in the  Sundown program and use the curriculum through the Web Academy. However, expelled students do not participate in any of the activities with other students. Expelled  GBSD middle school students are served through the Crossroads program at Gordon Russel Middle School.
How and when can students enroll?
Students can enroll at any time during the school year. However, enrollment in the spring will be by approval of the MEWA principal and will depend upon how much time is left in the school year and if the student will have time to complete the coursework.
Enrollment happens just as it does with any district school. Students and their parents/students fill out the online application. Parents need to withdraw their youngster from their current school and request an unofficial transcript.  Once a student has started taking classes elsewhere and later wishes to attend MEWA,  a progress report and/or transcript is necessary to establish a schedule of classes. Students are able to begin working in their classes within a few hours of enrollment and after completing the orientation session.
What type of academic suport do the students receive?
Each student is assigned a mentor teacher that follows their progress and maintains contact with the student and their parent/guardians. MEWA staff provides opportunities for students to meet on campus and are also available by email and cell phone. In addition, the Academy provides all campus visits with students at either the student’s home (scheduled in advance and only with parents in attendance) or at a public place such as the library or a coffee house.
There is counseling support staff available to discuss issues related to personal or academic matters.
Does the Academy offer AP and Credit Recovery classes?
Yes, both types of classes are offered. A qualified student has the option to take any of the AP classes that are offered. We do offer Credit Recovery classes. Students interested in AP classes may want to consider MEECA.
What happens if a student doesn’t finish a class by the end of the semester?
The student’s teacher can choose to extend the deadline for course completion depending upon a number of factors that would be discussed between the student, family and teacher.  There are timelimits however.
Does the Academy accept 5th year seniors?
Yes, the Academy does accept 5th year seniors. A review of the student’s transcript will be necessary to determine the number of credits needed for the student to receive a diploma through the MEWA.
How do credits transfer between traditional high schools and the MEWA?
The Academy may give partial credit for work that has been completed at the student’s high school based on a review by our registrar. Students who leave the Academy and go to the traditional high school setting, may not receive partial credit for courses that have not been completed at MEWA.
Gresham-Barlow Web Academy is an accredited high school. All full credits transfer to other accredited high schools and colleges.
What are the program options?
Students who wish to pursue college credit take a limited number of course from MEWA online or apply for the Metro East Early College Academy (MEECA).  College credits when aligned with the state graduation standards lead to a high school diploma while earning college credits toward a college degree.  By law these credits are paid for through state funding.  Students must qualify for entrance to one of the community colleges.
GED students have the option to take the pre-GED and GED classes leading to the test.  Students will need to contact the GED teacher for more information. 
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